"FRBC’s Youth Ministry seeks to Partner with Parents
and to Train Students in the Word of God for the Work of the Gospel"


Date: July 19–23, 2021
Place: Covington, GA
Theme: Christ the Whole

Speaker: Jonathan Haefs | Music: Justin Goodson

I am super pumped about Summer Camp this year! We'll be joined by two other churches: Forrester Community (Albany, GA) and Grace Heritage (Auburn, AL). Special bonus: my friend Jonathan will be the camp speaker!

This year you'll have a chance to sign up for different breakout sessions in addition to the main teaching time.

  • Patrick (from Forrester) will be teaching on Gospel Obedience.
  • Garrett (from Grace) will be teaching on Church History.
  • Daniel (that's me) will be teaching on Evangelism.

You can sign up using the form below, or you can check out the fundraiser t-shirts that Kristen Stevens did for us here.


What is the greatest evangelistic tool you can give a person? What about the greatest discipleship tool? The greatest missions tool? In addition to the local church, I believe that Bible Study is the greatest tool we could offer any Christian. Even a skim through Psalm 119 would make this much clear. Yet, how intentionally do we train our students to read the Bible for themselves and with others?

Sure, we hope that we are modeling a Biblical approach to studying the Bible in our teaching, but we cannot expect students to intentionally learn what we do not intentionally teach—certainly not then be able to teach it to others!

To aid in this, we have developed a 7-step method for studying the Bible (7Cs).  One step (or one C) can be taken each day to provide a full week of studying a passage with increasing depth.

We've created a PDF booklet that you can download free of charge, or you can read below for a little more detailed explanation of each step. May God be glorified as you study the Bible for yourself and with others!