Is there anything distinctly Christian about your typical church experience? Now, I don’t doubt that Christian language and symbolism are used, and the Bible is most likely referenced and read from. But when you really start to think about where the emphasis is placed, and where the focus is located, and where the energy goes, is it all directed toward anything that is distinctively and undeniably Christian?

Growing numbers of church-going men and women are beginning to realize that after they peel off the surface layer, many of their Christian churches offer little that is uniquely Christian at all! All of the things that receive emphasis, focus, and energy in their churches are things that could be found at any social gathering, or are widely available in higher quality forms on TV and the internet.

Their churches feature pleasing, catchy music – but so does American Idol and Glee. Their churches offer humorous entertainment – but sit-coms and movies are far funnier. Their churches provide helpful advice and strategies for living well – but there are thousands of books, TV programs, podcasts, and conferences dedicated to self-help, and with these you can go straight to a particular issue without having to wait for the preacher to maybe cover it. Their churches give them an opportunity to enjoy friendship and community- but you could find this in the context of any organized religion, country club, support group, community center, service club, hobby association, or even your ordinary weekend BBQ!

What’s going on here? The reality is that in a pragmatic effort to attract greater and greater numbers, many evangelical churches have retained the outward trappings of Christianity, while hollowing out the vital core. If we are to call ourselves Christian in any meaningful sense, then we must make central to our church life that which the Bible makes central. What does the Bible make central? The glory and holiness of the Triune God, the reality of sin and divine wrath, and the wonder of Christ’s death and grace to those who don’t deserve it.

So the question becomes, where does your church place its emphasis?

At Flint River Bible Fellowship, our highest goal is to glorify and honor God, and to find our greatest joy in him. We aim for biblical, doctrinally rich preaching and teaching, and corporate worship that places the focus on God and not on ourselves. We believe that the church is not just another social club or social interest group, but it is instead a body of people called by God’s grace through faith in Christ to glorify God and edify one another.

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