Discipleship Training

We recognize the importance of teaching in doctrine (what we should believe) and training in obedience (how we should live). Our Discipleship Training courses seek to accomplish these two goals in the lives of our member.

For Adults

Two Great Options
January 23–March 27, we will offer two courses. These courses will seek to train adults on various aspects of the Christian life. The courses do build, and therefore we encourage you to sign up for one and plan to stick with it (rather than hopping back and forth between the two). Lord willing, you'll have the opportunity to take the other course at a later date. The two courses being offered this semester are as follows:

  • "Spiritual Disciplines" with Jon Alligood
  • "Biblical Manhood and Womanhood" with Joshua DeLong

You can sign up for one of this courses below. (There is no need to sign up for the children or students classes.)

For Youth

7 Cs Bible Study
Studying the Bible may be the greatest Christian skill we could teach any student. Much will be achieved by the generation who knows how to study the Bible for themselves and with each other and how teach others to do likewise. To train our students in this task, we have developed a 7-step method for studying the Bible (7Cs). One step (or one C) can be taken each day to provide a full week of studying a passage with increasing depth. This process will culminate on Sunday mornings as they take what they have learned throughout their week and share it with each other.

For Kids

The Gospel Story for Kids
Discipleship Training for children aged 3 through Kindergarten and 1st through 5th grade meet in a classrooms for lessons and games. The Gospel Story for Kids chronologically walks through Scripture showing the gospel in every story. From the God's creation of the world to the His throne in Heaven, we want to help our kid's see the good news of Jesus in all of it.