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Jesus and the Thief on the Cross

March, 11, 2018 John Alligood

The Substitutionary Sacrifice of the Second Adam

March, 11, 2018 Joshua DeLong

Jesus and the Rich Young Man

Elder Daniel Titus teaches about the Rich Young Man from Matthew 19:16-22.

March, 4, 2018 Elder Daniel Titus

Cowardice, Compromise, and Courage

Pastor Joshua DeLong teaches about the trial of Jesus out of Matthew 27:11-26.

March, 4, 2018 Pastor Joshua DeLong

Jesus and the Woman at the Well

John 4:1-42

February, 25, 2018 Elder Joshua DeLong

Falling Short of Repentance

Matthew 27:1-10

February, 25, 2018 Joshua DeLong

Jesus and Nicodemus

John 3:1-21

February, 18, 2018 Elder Kenny St. John

Confidence Misplaced: Peter's Denial

Matthew 26:30-35; 69-75

February, 18, 2018 Elder Brandon Jones

Impacting the Community for Christ

Acts 2:42

February, 11, 2018 Elder Kenny St. John

God on Trial

Matthew 26:57-68

February, 11, 2018 Elder Joshua DeLong

Praying for the Lost

February, 4, 2018 Elder Kenny St. John

Faithful in the Fight

Matthew 26:37-56

February, 4, 2018 Elder Joshua DeLong

Family Talk - Part II

Pastor Kenny St. John concludes our time of "Family Talk."

January, 28, 2018 Kenny St. John

Praying In Anguish

January, 28, 2018 Joshua DeLong

Family Talk - Part I

Family Talk - Taking the Gospel to the Community

January, 21, 2018 Pastor Kenny St. John

Behold The Lamb

Matthew 26:17-35

January, 21, 2018 Pastor Joshua DeLong

What Is Jesus Worth To You?

January, 14, 2018 Joshua DeLong

The Parable of the Talents

January, 7, 2018 Kenny St. John

You Did It to Me

Matthew 25:31-46

December, 31, 2017 Elder Daniel Titus

The Perfection of Christmas

Revelation 21

December, 24, 2017 Pastor Joshua DeLong