The Gospel Story for Kids, 9:00 AM Sunday Mornings (Elementary)

During the Sunday evening service, children aged 3 through Kindergarten and 1st through 5th grade meet in a classrooms for lessons and games. The Gospel Story for Kids chronologically walks through Scripture showing the gospel in every story.  From the God's creation of the world to the His throne in Heaven, we want to help our kid's see the good news of Jesus in all of it.

Growing In Grace Music, 9:00 AM Sunday Mornings (Preschool)

During Sunday morning classes, children ages 3- Kindergarten will be in a children's choir setting learning about the Fruit of the Spirit based on Galatians 5:22–23. Through songs and activities, children experience what it means to grow and live out an authentic, joyful faith. Children learn to follow the Holy Spirit as they develop godly character and become firmly rooted and grounded in Christ's love.

Children Desiring God, 10:00 AM Sunday Mornings (Preschool)

During the Sunday Morning worship service, children aged 3 through Kindergarten meet in a Sunday School setting.  The Children Desiring God curriculum we use looks at the Old and New Testament stories following key scriptural themes that help familiarize kids with the unchangeable character of God that is fully revealed through His Son Jesus.

Daily Devotions (Family)

As important as we believe it is to teach our kids at church, we believe that it is the primary responsibility of parents to teach their children God's word.  We seek to equip and encourage them to do so.  In order to do so, we provide our members with family devotional books that coincide with our Sunday lessons.  The devotional books provide five ten-minute devotions each week that will provide depth and discussion as family seek to know Christ more through His word.