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Indoor Gathering Update

COVID-19 has presented significant challenges in virtually every aspect of life including for churches. The elders have been praying and discussing since the beginning concerning how we can faithfully shepherd the members of Flint Reformed Baptist Church in the midst of this pandemic.

As we have discussed what faithfulness to Christ looks like for us as a church, several convictions have guided us:

  • Christians have a responsibility to assemble together (particularly but not limited to) corporate worship unless hindered by the providential work of God. (Hebrews 10:24-25)
  • The civil government is ordained by God and therefore Christians and churches are obligated to submit to governing authorities. (Romans 13:1-2)
  • Christians and churches should engage in civil disobedience when governing restrictions conflict with faithfulness to Christ. (Acts 5:29)
  • A Christian has a duty not only to be concerned with themselves, but also with their fellow brothers and sisters. This includes those who are more vulnerable or who are more concerned about COVID-19. (Philippians 2:4)
  • While every Christian and every church should be able to agree with these convictions, how one applies these convictions, particularly with regards to assembling together for worship, may vary.

Moving Forward

Starting this Sunday, after much prayer and discussion, and seeking to continue to apply the aforementioned biblical convictions, we have decided to move our Lord’s Day worship service indoors.

We will be meeting at 9:00am at our Westover location
1104 N Westover Blvd.

The Seating

  • Sanctuary: Approximately 64 Chairs are set up in the sanctuary at a six-foot social distance (between family rows)
  • Annex room: 48 chairs are set up in the large room often utilized by our elementary students (for the sake of simplicity, I will be referring to it as the annex room) These chairs are not at a social distance, however the number of chairs is within the limit required by the Governor’s executive order when social distancing is mandated. The service will be simulcast on a large television at the front of the room.
  • Overflow: If need be, the foyer will be used for overflow seating from either of the two rooms above.
  • Seating: We do also ask that chairs in the sanctuary be primarily used by those older, more vulnerable, or more concerned with COVID. As the service is about ready to begin, if there are seats available, you are welcome to them, but we want to ensure that everyone who desires a seat in a socially-distanced space has one.
  • Masks: We ask that those who meet in the sanctuary wear masks with the exceptions of those on the platform leading the service.

The Service

  • Childcare: Childcare will not be provided. The preschool room adjacent to the annex room will be open if young children get antsy, but there will not be any childcare.
  • Lord’s Supper: The elements will continue to be distributed (in all rooms) by an elder or deacon wearing a mask and gloves.
  • Hymnals: We will be using hymnals. Since we are still only meeting for the morning service, you will be the only person touching a particular hymnal that week.
  • Offering: An offering box will be available at the back of the sanctuary for you to give, but we will not be passing the plates.
  • Cleaning: The building will be thoroughly cleaned after each service in preparation for the following week. 

While we long to be back to normal where we can all meet in the same room, where we can meet for a morning and evening service, where we can return to offering more of our ministry to children, and while we are sure that this arrangement will have its own set of unique challenges, the elders believe that this is the most faithful way that we can prudently carry out our aforementioned convictions for this season without concern for rain and other issues of weather.