We are currently not planning to gather for any of our corporate events this week, and we will do our best to keep you posted about future weeks.

The President’s Coronavirus Guidelines say to avoid social gatherings of more than 10 people, and the CDC has been lowering its threshold as well. None of the elders is a disease expert, but those who are have told us that the health situation could get pretty bad. Avoiding such gatherings will help slow the spread of the virus and help prevent hospital resources and staff from being depleted. Out of trust and respect for our authorities, in accordance with scripture, we will comply with the spirit of these guidelines while we can do so with good consciences.

We are not planning to stream any part of our Sunday service. The corporate worship gathering is just that. It is corporate (group of people), and it is a gathering (coming together). With all respect to those who have chosen this option for their own congregations, we believe that live streaming from various locations is simply not a corporate gathering, nor is it a substitute for one. The Word has called us to assemble together unless hindered by the providence of God. Brothers and sisters, the providence of God has hindered us from doing so at this time.

We do plan to consider how to stir up one another to love and good works.

Throughout this undetermined amount of time, the elders will try to encourage and equip the saints by means of videos, blog posts, conversations, podcasts or whatever means the Lord sees fit to put at our disposal.

This Sunday morning, Pastor Joshua plans to upload a teaching video to the homepage of our website and on the church Facebook page. It will not be a sermon, nor will it be streaming. You may feel free to watch it on Sunday morning or some time during the week. Lord willing you will find the video informative and encouraging.

We charge each of our members to be checking in on each other and to make a special effort to keep in touch. If needs arise, please contact your Shepherding Elder. If you are sick or unable to go to the store or have suffered financial hardship due to this situation, your Shepherding Elder is your first point of contact. We want to help you and pray for you!

Our prayer is that these various means of grace will stir you to love and good works (in your homes and offices and neighborhoods) and that they will whet your appetite for whenever the Lord sees fit to allow us to gather again for our corporate worship on the Lord’s Day.

May the Lord keep us well that we might better serve His name and spread His glory to our community. Lord willing, we will see each other soon.